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【哲學『』星期五@荷蘭】―香港人與變化中的香港經驗Hongkongers & Their Changing Experiences―2019/7/27 (六) 11:00 @ 鹿特丹




Since this June, the amendment of extradition bill by Hong Kong’s government has triggered a series of large anti-bill protests and conflicts which still happen until now. The conflict in Hong Kong doesn't only impact the society itself but also stir a debate about the tension between liberty and the increasing influence of China over the world. Why does a bill could end up in so many controversies? Why are so many young people willing to take to the streets while risking in physical confrontations with the authority? The “Philo non-Friday” invites two young Kongkongers who study and work in the Netherlands to share their observations and own experiences. Through their lens, we will discuss and explore the identity of Hongkonger and its role in shaping recurrent civil disobedience movements. For those who are eager and curious to know the current situation in Hong Kong, we here ardently invite you to participate in the panel discussion and share your thoughts, concerns, or doubts.


活動進行方式(Procedure of activity):

主持人開場 (Opening of the host)

參與人自我介紹 (Self-introduction of every participant)

香港生活短片放映 (A Short video)

講者生命經驗分享 (Presenters’ Sharing)

聽眾對談 (Conversation between Participants)


【時間 Time】 2019年 7月 27日 () 11:00–12:30 (27 July 2019)

【地點 Location】 10/F (T10-67), Mandeville Building in Erasmus University

【地址 Address】 Campus Woudestein Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062PA, Rotterdam, Netherlands

【講者 Presenters】

黃沛燊(Aaron)│ Medical Center, Erasmus University 博士後研究員

林浩華(Hôdar)│Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University 博士生

【主持 Host】

宋致誠(FarFar) │ International Institute of Social Study, Erasmus University 碩士生

【主辦 Host Organization】 哲學星期五@荷蘭志工團 & EUR Taiwanese Student Association


【海報圖片提供 Photo Provider】 香港漫畫家 黃照達







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