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【哲學星期五@紐約】親子教養也有同溫層?孩子想的跟你不一樣! 2019/05/31




謝旻諺Hsieh, Ming Yan | 兒童節目製作人,童心力CEO

Ming Yan Hsieh was Children's television series producer at Taiwan, and the CEO of Wonder kid (童心力). He also involve at different social media revolution activities, facilitate the friendly social media environment for children.












【Intro】How children's point of view can be used.

As adults lead the system of the world, children are usually passive recipients, even potential weaknesses. Now, it's time to be the most potential and creative model by " children's point of view".

Taiwan is very suitable for testing new models because it has small land and multiculturalism. From "children's point of view", we design three models:

1.Children-made open source material of media literacy learning.

2.Good Deed for the Day in the children's community.

3.A children's program: children's point of view in media literacy.

You may already know this: 2019 in Taiwan, the Master Framework for the 12-year Basic Education Curriculum Guidelines is going to focus on literacy education; the place-making is going to instead of the comprehensive community development. And, you may already guess it, we are going to use "children's point of view" to make a better world.

Inviting you to think as children!



【時間】5/31 (Friday) 6:30-8:30PM

【地點】42 Greene Street, Lower Level, New York 10013







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