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【哲學「非」星期五@波士頓】Why Pasiwali? | 為何要巴西瓦里?在海的另一端找尋自己 2018/08/25


【哲學「」星期五@波士頓】Why Pasiwali? | 為何要巴西瓦里?在海的另一端找尋自己 2018/08/25





Why Pasiwali?

The journey to rediscover heritage on the other end of the ocean.








他的樂團,也名為「巴西瓦里」,其首張同名專輯收錄了查勞開始創作迄今的作品。乾淨的民謠吉他與熱情的手鼓,配上撼動人心的合音,讓人彷彿來到花蓮美麗的海岸,置身部落中和樂融融的親切氣氛。巴西瓦里的音樂風格融合阿美族傳統歌謠與Bossa nova,時而奔放時而輕快,簡單易感的旋律中卻蘊含著意味深長的省思。


‘Basiwali’ is a group of musicians from two remote areas of the Polynesian landscape. Chalaw and Anu are from Taiwan's Amis tribe. Their music was recognized by Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. Kilema and his brother Nesta are from Madagascar's Malkasi tribe. Taiwan and Madagascar are far, far away from each other, but their tribes are related - they’re both Polynesian tribes, a subset of the Austronesian people which includes Aboriginal and Maori people, and native Hawaiian people too.


Basiwali makes music inspired by the natural world. They have a clean acoustic classical guitar sound and vibrant drumming, and vocals that move audiences wherever they’re from, with their Amis melodies and Latin rhymes. It’s truly a unique vision, a fusion of cultures that are deeply related.


On 8/25, Saturday (3 pm-6 pm), Chalaw and Anu will tell us more about their music and Amis tribe. Please come to join Café Philo at 29 Garden St, Cambridge MA.