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【哲學星期五@紐約】Conversation with James Powell and Robin Lee 2018/02/23


【哲學星期五@紐約】Conversation with James Powell and Robin Lee 2018/02/23


【Event】Café Philo @ NY X Taiwanese Data Professionals

【Topic】Conversation with James Powell and Robin Lee


【Time】2/23(Fri) 7:30 PM

【Location】WeWork Times Square


James Powell | Managing Partner at The Python Quants | VP of Programming at NumFOCUS

Robin Lee | Senior Analyst At New York Times



Taiwanese Data Professionals is a group that open to all Taiwanese who is based in Greater New York Area interested in Data Science. The focus of this Meetup group to present informative lectures, workshops and networking events to build Taiwanese Data Scientist/Engineer community and help the group to interact with main stream data science community in New York. We are here to enable everyone who comes to find role model and be encouraged to share their ideas with one another.


James Powell works with open source data science tools, with a focus on technologies written in Python and applications of these technologies to problems in quantitative finance. He is going to talk about the overview of the tools/projects in NumFOCUS, and what other data science resources are available in NYC.


Robin Lee work at New York Times as a senior Analyst. He is going to talk about “Attempts of reproducible data analysis in SQL”, many of data analyst/scientist regularly run similar analysis on a different time frame or choice of parameters. Having a workflow that generates consistent logic would allow analysts to focus on discovering and validating the more creative insights. He’ll share how he clean up SQL queries so that it’s easier to maintain by using CTEs and views as well as reducing hard coded logic.


【Host】Kuang-Ting Chang

【Venue】Hsin Hsiao|Software Engineer,Founder of Startup in NY

【Coordinate】Hsu Yi-hsuan