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【哲學「非」星期五@波士頓】跨文化身心適應與成長契機 2017/12/3


【哲學「」星期五@波士頓】跨文化身心適應與成長契機 2017/12/3






講者江孟純,現為William James College臨床心理系助理教授、臨床心理師、持有賓州與麻州的臨床心理師執照。學經歷包含台大心理系、Duquesne University臨床心理學博士、Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School博士後。臨床與研究興趣包括多元文化心理治療與研究、性別研究、精神分析、創傷、現象學、以及解構主義。平常喜歡做的事是旅遊、推廣社會正義&身心健康、運動、品酒及享受人生。


歡迎大家帶著自己在美國生活的經驗以及問題來參加12月哲五。講者江孟純教授歡迎各位提出身心照顧(e.g., 什麼情況下心理治療可以對我或朋友有幫助?)或是臨床心理學在生活中的應用(e.g., 人會犯罪是因為先天或後天的因素造成?)等相關問題。溫馨對話!


All of us have experiences of how it's like to live in the US with a different background from the mainstream American culture. From the perspectives of cultural psychology, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology, this month's Cafe Philo in Boston will discuss the process of psychological adaptation for individuals with bi- or multi-cultural background.


In the multicultural context, what are some differences and similarities across our lived experiences? What are some challenges one may encounter with a multicultural background? What are some self-care strategies from a psychological perspective? What are some advantages with bi- or multi-cultural background in the US?


Please bring your own experiences and questions about living with a multicultural background to the December Cafe Philo. Meng welcomes all questions related to psychology, such as mental health care (e.g., when will psychotherapy be helpful for me or my friends) or application of clinical psychology (e.g., is it because nature or nurture that people commit crimes?) Looking forward to a supportive and lively dialogue!


Speaker: Mengchun (Meng) Chiang, PhD, currently an assistant professor in the Clinical Psychology Department at William James College. Meng holds the psychologist license in both Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and practices as a clinical psychologist. Meng graduated from National Taiwan University, obtained her clinical psychology PhD from Duquesne University, and completed her internship and postdoctoral training at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School. Her clinical and research interests include multicultural psychotherapy and research, gender studies, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy, trauma, phenomenology, and post-modern and deconstructive theories. She enjoys traveling, promoting social justice and health, exercising, wine-tasting, and life.


【時間】2017/12/3 (sunday)

【地址】Clypd 212 elm st., 薩默維爾 02144